we are a nimble creative agency in San Diego, colored with storytellers, problem solvers, #trendsetters and digital savants.

To help individuals and companies achieve their highest potential by provoking business leaders and consumers to think differently.

our mission


Every client has a story to tell. Great ideas are contagious. Creativity is subjective. Great results are not.

We adapt to your environment. Your challenge is met with our ingenuity. We’ll design a strategy anchored by innovation and longevity. We see the forest, not just the trees.

We think, revise, re-think and revise. We don’t believe in a set process. Everything is examined. Some might call it obsessive. We call it passion.

We are observant. We get to know you beneath the skin and how you work best. We enjoy that part. We are as dynamic as the people we work with.


our manifesto




Ameba’s unwavering commitment to our clients begins with the word YES. It’s not only a simple answer to our clients' needs, but also our all-encompassing attitude. This YES approach translates into effective campaigns that consistently yield only the best results. We love a challenge and strive to make what other companies deem impossible, possible.

22 years of experience.

155,330 cups of espresso.

Your campaigns should be a stunning representation of who you are, because let’s face it—you are pretty awesome. Ameba is a full-service agency. From brand development to PR, social media to graphic design and everything in between, we do it all with a fierce passion, and then some.



What you do and how you do it are secondary. We are focused on why you do it. We engage the aspirations behind your purpose to amplify your identity through brilliant brand development.

Public Relations

Sure we build the traditional, mainstream relationships and get the placements you’d expect, but we’re also building outside the box...which is always one step ahead of the curve.


We are fluent in cyber vernacular. We have mastered the arts of digital placement and internet persuasion to effectively engage the masses.


We put your brand where people can "like" it. We formulate the perfect social media blueprint for interacting with your target audience and cross-reference it with cutting-edge analytics.


Creativity is the backbone of ameba. Our approach to conceptualizing your business embodies the optimal blend of innovative marketing strategies and visionary branding.


Our experienced designers are the michelangelos of the digital age, constructing stunning visual designs and unparalleled user experiences.

yes. it's not just an answer. it's the answer.

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